…Want to feel INSPIRED as you haven’t for a long time?

dDreams for kids by Tom Tuohy…Want to feel inspired as you haven’t for a long time, maybe ever?

Then read this amazing book: DREAMS FOR KIDS by Tom Tuohy published in 2010 by Dream Vision Publishing in Chicago!

After interviewing Tom Tuohy in his Chicago office for the previous post and video on DREAMS FOR KIDS, Tom handed me a book which he accurately signed with a beautiful note on first page. From the minimal design of the cover it looked like a brochure to me. I am not the kind of person that likes to read about dates, numbers and dry facts so what I thought it was a brochure passed almost unnoticed on its way to my purse. Luckily, once home I decided I had better reading Tom’s brochure before publishing a post about DREAMS FOR KIDS organization, you never know you might learn something surprising and eye-opening… And, yes, this was just the case! Inside the brochure-like cover I found a deeply inspiring and breath-taking memoir.

So, I emailed Tom:”when you gave the book to me, due to the simplicity of the cover I assumed it was a sort of brochure of the organization, it didn’t raise my curiosity the way it should have, given the content. But, oh my, this is a great REAL book!” Tom’s reply surprised me with depth: “A minimalist design matches the way I chose to write. I didn’t wish to direct anyone anywhere. I wanted them to go where they allowed themselves to go. And everyone seems to find a different part and a different person that resonates with them”.

Tom is right, I can’t really review this memoir for my readers because I don’t want to impose my interpretation or perception of it. But I’m happy to quote from readers’ appreciation feedback in letters sent from all around the world that the book shows in appendix:

“…We need to remind ourselves everyday that we have something to give. Your wise and inspirational words have guided me through the dark times. Dreams for Kids is a dream come true” – Tendai, South Africa

“…My mom called yesterday to say she can’t put the book down. Your story has changed my life – the inspiration I found in the ‘power of one’ triggered a realization that I want to dedicate my life to kids. I’m now in the discovery process of looking to become a clinical child psychologist…” – K.D., Chicago

“Wow, wow, WOW! Your energy just flows off the page and into this reader’s inspiration center!…” – D.L. New Jersey

Did I mention that all profits from the sale of DREAMS FOR KIDS will be donated to the organization? so, what are you waiting for??

Read more reviews and PURCHASE HERE:  DREAMS FOR KIDS by Tom Tuohy

And, oooooooooh, I want to HEAR FROM YOU!!! Leave YOUR COMMENTS about Dreams for Kids below: do you feel as inspired as I do? And why?

Post by Clara Tomaz

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